Vision Impairment

Our team comprises teachers with specialist qualifications in vision impairment including Braille as well as experts in VI technology and mobility. We work with children and young people aged from 0-19 years.

We can:

  • Develop programmes for parents and carers to use at home, or for use within pre-school and schools to encourage pupils to develop their functional vision or to develop compensatory skills if needed;
  • Work with pupils, schools and families to develop mobility skills, supporting pupils to independently and safely access the world around them; this may include body protection, trailing, pre-cane and long cane skills;
  • Undertake environmental audits within settings;
  • Provide training for parents and staff on sighted guide techniques;
  • Develop pre-Braille and Braille skills with pupils.

Vision Impairment Technology

An important part of our work involves helping children and staff get the most out of the latest technology available. Our Information and Technology Manager works closely with schools and families identifying the most suitable technology and teaching them how to use it.

From cameras, touch screens and magnification tools to specialist software, there are a wide range of technological solutions that will help pupils access the curriculum and lead safe, independent lives.

As part of our service, we undertake assessments to understand specific needs, identify the most appropriate technology and then deliver training to pupils and staff.  We can also help schools to set up the technology so that pupils can start benefiting from it as soon as possible.

Vision Impairment Training

We offer a full day’s Vision Impairment training focusing on:

  • Vision impairment in general;
  • Specific eye conditions;
  • Implications for teaching and learning;
  • Using information technology;
  • Curriculum access;
  • Mobility.

 Please email for further information.

Make a referral to the Vision Impairment Service

If you are a parent, teacher, doctor or any professional working with vision impaired children and young people within Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham or Enfield, you can make a referral. This requires a signed parental permission slip so that the service is able to obtain medical information from an ophthalmologist. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Tel: 020 8531 8361


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