Foundation Degrees at Whitefield

  • Education and Special Education Needs Foundation Degree (FdA) which is validated by Greenwich University;
  • Early Years  Foundation Degree (FdA) which is validated by Kingston University.

Foundation Degrees are higher education qualifications which combine academic study with work-based learning. They provide a training pathway for those who would like to remain in work whilst studying for a higher education award.  Face-to-face attendance at Professional Development Services in Walthamstow is only required one afternoon and one evening each week during term time.  During Covid-19 Lockdown periods, these courses are delivered online.

These professionally recognised two-year courses are valued by employers and build to be a full degree with an additional third year of study.  Many participants use this full degree as a springboard for further professional training or other related careers.

Applications for both degrees should be made through UCAS (UCAS | At the heart of connecting people to higher education). Applications will initially be sent to the relevant university who will then forward it on to Whitefield Professional Development Services.  We will review applications and contact applicants for an interview. The interview will cover applicant’s interest in the course and their knowledge and skills. There is also a written task to complete. During Covid, these interviews are conducted online and there are no written tasks. Applicants are also required to produce evidence of prior accreditation.

Click this link to apply for the Supporting Teaching and Learning FdA 

Education and Special Education Needs FdA

Click this link to apply for the Early Years Senior Practitioner FdA

Early Years FdA

If you would like further details or a chat about applying for places or eligibility, please contact Dr Jo Fitzsimons at:

Tel: 020 8531 3426

“The Foundation Degree was the stepping stone I

needed to become a teacher and then a Lead Behaviour Interventionist. I now travel across the Middle East, America and Europe working with children with behavioural needs.”

Thaubaan Toyyuab

“This was a great course, very informative with extremely supportive tutors. Although I hesitated at first about embarking on this degree, I am so glad I did it! ”

Sharon Adebambo

“Tutors are always available to offer support and guidance; a friendly and supportive environment; an engaging and enjoyable course and outstanding tutors.”

Abby Winch

“This course has given me the encouragement to forward my career. It has offered amazing opportunities. The tutors are so helpful and always ensure all students are well supported. ”


Demi Marston